Warehousing (Dover)

Dry Bulk Warehousing – Morris, IL

With our new Dover system located in our Morris, Illinois facility, A&R Logistics can efficiently package one million pounds per day during our two-shift operation. On average, that's a 195,000-lb car every one to three hours, including product change over.

Utilized exclusively to process PE and PP, the system features:

  • Scale with double-weight check process—once on upper hopper filled to box specifications, once on last spot of conveyor line, where very box is measured against specific product weight tolerances.
  • Vacuum-only blower system pulling product directly to the silo feed system of boxing line, keeping product cooler than the ambient temperature, reducing product stress, and virtually eliminating snake skins and dusting.
  • Advanced dust collection system also removes most dust already in the product railcar.
A&R dry bulk warehousing using the Dover system