Safety Policy

A&R Driving Safety Forward

Our goal is to achieve and maintain a safe, healthy work environment.  We strive vigorously to prevent all accidents, injuries and occupational
illnesses within our operations.  From management leadership to employee involvement, our vision is to:

  • Create and maintain safe and healthy workplaces, practices and behaviors;
  • Comply with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations and company standards, adhering to responsible standards where workplace regulations are silent or may not apply;
  • Encourage employee participation and individual accountability regarding health and safety matters within their work environment;
  • Integrate health and safety considerations into our business planning, decision making and daily activities;
  • Set challenging health and safety goals and recognize those who contribute to improved health and safety performance;
  • Support our contractors, customers and suppliers to achieve high standards for health and safety in the workplace;
  • Increase stakeholder value through A&R Logistics' vision for health and safety in the workplace.

To support this policy, we provide the necessary leadership and resources.  All employees, contractors and others working on our company's behalf are responsible for compliance with safety policy.  No other goals—either operational or financial—shall supersede compliance.

A&R Doing It RIght