Environmental Policy

Maintaining A Green, Smooth-Running Machine

We are committed to fostering a corporate atmosphere that encourages environmental excellence, responsibility and accountability in every
decision we make.  Form the top of our organization down, A&R Logistics strives to:

  • Create an environmentally responsible workplace;
  • Comply with all applicable local, state and federal environmental laws and regulations as well as company standards, and other requirements to which we subscribe;
  • Set environmental goals and objectives and recognize those who contribute to improved environmental performance;
  • Integrate environmental considerations into our business planning, decision making and daily activities;
  • Minimize environmental impacts and respond to customer concerns; Support environmental policy development; Support wildlife and habitat conservation efforts; Conserve resources and minimize waste by reducing, reusing and recycling; Encourage, support, and recognize environmental innovations;
  • Assist in the integration of environmental excellence into our operations and services; Increase stakeholder value through environmental excellence.

To support this policy, we provide the necessary leadership and resources.  All employees, contractors and others working on our company's behalf are responsible for compliance with safety policy.  No other goals—either operational or financial—shall supersede compliance.

Doing It Right - A&R Logistics