Core Values

A&R – Doing It Right

Our core values influence how we conduct business each and every day, and the reason we are the leading provider in bulk trucking and transportation services. By abiding by the principles of safety, quality, integrity & respect, we have become a trusted dry bulk transport company, gaining the respect of companies nationwide. At A&R, Doing It Right is the only way it's done.

For the sake of our people, our products and our environment, safety is our highest priority.  Doing It Right means we always THINK before we ACT—protecting our employees, customers, partners and others; carefully handling products and materials; and obeying all environmental laws and regulations.


Defects are more than damaged goods; they're damaged reputations.  That's why our policy is Zero Defects.  Doing It Right means performing our jobs according to the procedures we have in place to ensure consistent quality, meeting or exceeding the customer's expectations every time.

We are honest and straightforward with each other, our customers and our business partners.  Doing It Right means we do what we say and say what we do—and not just when it's easy.

A&R Logistics - Doing It Right

Everyone in our organization plays a crucial role.  Pulling together as a team, we achieve greatness.  Doing It Right means we value each other as individuals and conduct ourselves according to the Golden Rule.  It's okay to disagree.  It's not okay to be disagreeable.