About Us

A&R Provides Dry Bulk Transportation & Supply Chain Solutions

A&R Logistics, Inc. was founded in 1969, and has since evolved as a leading provider of dry bulk transportation and innovative supply chain solutions. For over 40 years we've provided bulk logistics solutions for customers in the chemical & plastics industries. We have a modern fleet of more than 800 trucks and 1,200 trailers, and offer unmatched support for customers. In addition to our substantial infrastructure, we're backed by $1 billion in private equity and have made
significant investments in assets, technology and operations.
A&R offers a variety of transportation and logistics solutions via bulk transportation and logistics solutions via bulk transportation, logistics/3PL, transloading, packaging, warehousing and end-to-end transportation management. To ensure our customers have the best possible service, we have an extensive network of 23 terminals and 10 warehousing/packaging facilities
nationwide. A&R Logistics is proud to provide these world-class capabilities while also maintaining the highest safety and regulatory compliance, abiding by the fundamental principals of quality, integrity, respect and safety. A&R Logistics, Inc. corporate headquarters are located in Louisville, Kentucky, our Commercial Headquarters in Houston, Texas, and Customer Service Headquarters in Morris, Illinois. A&R Logistics, Doing It Right.

A&R Logistics, Inc. specializes in dry bulk transportation & bulk logistics solutions and with 23 nationwide terminals.